Ask me anything

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The last time I did an "ask me anything" post was back in March! (Time really does fly!) I absolutely love all of your feedback on these posts, so I've been trying to do them every few months.  It's so insightful to hear from you, and so much fun to answer your questions.  What have you been wanting to see this summer?  More summer fashion?  Makeup?  Hair?  I have been hearing from a lot of you about haircuts and styles and what to ask for when you head to the salon,  (one of my biggest biggest tips?  Tell them NOT to dry your hair with a round brush! lol!)

Please keep the questions coming...I can't wait to hear more...

Thank you all for your constant support of Honestly West.  You guys are the best.  xoxo

Lipstick sweatshirt

Boyfriend jeans

Leopard clutch

Photo: Tiffany Redmon Photography