New year, new inspiration


It's a new year, and as I scroll through all of my friends social media, I can't help but see so many posts of this past years struggles.  It's funny how the the closing of the year always brings out honestly, vulnerability, and a promise to do better with the start of a new year.  I think we all need that reminder, and for that, I am grateful for a fresh year!

I think we all struggle with things in our lives, but I love the idea behind this quote, and definitely think it's important to surround yourself with GOOD people who support you and lift you up...even if you're temporarily doubting yourself.  Sometimes we need that reminder that we all DO have greatness within ourselves.  We really do.  This year, let go of the bad stuff, and cling to the good.  The dream.  Whatever makes you feel alive.  The rest will fall away and soon you won't even remember why you worried about it!

So HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends.  This year, hold onto the things dear to your heart and let the rest fall away.  I am going to tell myself this same thing each morning.  The more you keep repeating it, the more you'll start to believe it.  Love to you all!!! XO