Trend alert! Love it or leave it?


Biker/cycling shorts. I have to admit, I am kind of into this trend. I don’t know if I’d wear them for a hot date night or anything, but I’m totally into trends that are actually COMFORTABLE. For styling, I’d probably keep it low key for an easy weekend look….with a cropped sweatshirt and doc martens and maybe a light jacket to top it off. I might do booties with a little heel if I’m feeling like dressing it up a notch.

I get why people would be scared of this trend, but honestly, I think once you get used to the idea, they could be cute for running around town this fall. An easy basic that you could dress up or down. I’ve linked the 2 pictured above.

What do you all think?? Love it or leave it?

Black biker shorts

Green bikers