Legging day


So it's a legging day.  We all have them.  We are tired, sick, just feel lazy, or maybe are running to drop our kids off at school/daycare/soccer, etc.  Let's face it, some days we just want to be comfortable.  

I'm going to be totally honest with you guys.  This probably isn't what you want to hear, but I usually spend just as much effort putting together my lazy day outfits as I do my regular ones.  The only benefit those days is well, that I am comfortable!  My secret to looking pulled together on my lazy days is putting pieces together that you maybe wouldn't think to pair.  Like a leather jacket.  That is my NUMBER 1 tip to pulling together sweats/leggings.  Top it with a leather jacket.  It just always pulls together your look and just makes everything look cool!  If this isn't your thing, top it with a structured jacket or trench.  Other tips... adding accessories.  Just because you're comfortable doesn't mean you should cast aside the other finishing touches.  I usually still wear earrings.  On a cold morning, I'll add a hat.  Grab cute sneakers.  And don't forget makeup.  At LEAST fill in your brows and dab on some concealer. 

Those are my tricks for dressed down days. I hope this helps some of you put together a lazy day outfit!  Lord knows we all have them!! 

Alo yoga leggings

Photos:  Tiffany Redmon Photography