Skincare I'm loving


I've had a lot of requests from you all regarding skincare and products that I am using and loving.  It has become more important to me to take extra good care of my skin the older I get.  Plus, if you have moisturized/smooth skin, your makeup will go on better and look 1,000 prettier!

Here is a quick rundown on what I am using...

1.  I wash my face every night with the beautycounter charcoal bar

2.  Twice a week I follow that with a charcoal mask and leave on for 30 minutes)  I've used the Beautycounter mask and the Mary Kay one.  They are both great.

3.  Then I put on my Wavskincare overnight mask (which I got to customize on their site) and I use this every single night.  This is a total game changer and worth every penny.  I'm working on getting a discount code for you all because I believe in this product so strongly!!  My skin has looked so much better since I started using this product!!

4.  In the morning, before putting on my makeup, I put on both a moisturizer and face oil.  I know this seems like a lot of extra steps, but I'm telling you, your skin will be glowing!!  I've never felt more confident about my skin.  I've even had a lot of stress and climate change with our recent cross country move, and I STILL think my skin looks pretty decent.

I'm always learning and adding things to my skincare routine, but this is where I'm at right now, and it feels pretty good.  I love learning about skincare and new products that help bring that confidence, because I know what an important role that plays in a woman's daily life!