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Happy Thursday sweet friends. I’ve been thinking a lot about life lately. I guess that happens as you get a little older, have kids, figure out who you want to be in this life…

I’ve had some rather sweet and encouraging messages lately on Instagram and about my blog, and I must say, it has come at a good time. Sometimes I get really frustrated with the blogging scene and with how people portray themselves on social media. Here’s the thing: I’m not like everyone else. I don’t say yes to working with brands that are ridiculous or have nothing in common with what I blog about. What would be the point in that? I want to bring you all REAL content, AUTHENTICITY, and what feels right to me. I don’t post unless it feels right and I have something to say. I put thought into what I put out into the universe. This past holiday season, I found myself drowning in a sea of “buy this, buy that…here’s a giant list of all the STUFF you should buy…” and I struggled with it. I love bringing tips and tricks to you all, I truly do, but sometimes, I also want to bring real moments and show you who I truly am!

The other day someone sent me a message that said I had an original feed and that I had something unique! This truly meant the world because it’s what I strive for every day! It’s funny how one thing can make your day and give you just the fuel you need to keep working toward your dream!

What I have learned over the years is to just BE YOURSELF. It sounds cliche but it is so true. Just be who you truly are meant to be. Make a conscious decision every day to be as authentic and genuine as you possibly can…and with that, be okay with those who don’t like you. Inevitably there will be people who don’t get you. I have learned that this is totally acceptable. Just run with those who get you and make you feel good! All of this goes along with what you wear as well. Just wear that makes you feel beautiful and confident and like YOU…nothing else matters. You will feel your best if you feel confident. I hope that if nothing else, Honestly West just helps you to feel good in your own skin, because that is a truly beautiful thing. I think it’s something all women need to be reminded of from time to time. We’re all beautiful in our own unique way and don’t need to be like anyone else!!!

I have always believed in realness and just being who you really are. Now that I’m back in my hometown, I feel like I can more easily do just that. I hope you all feel you can too! If not, send me a message and we’ll talk!!

I am always learning and a work in progress but life definitely gets a little easier with each year…

xoxo and thanks for reading,


*Photo by Tiffany Redmon Photography

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