Something's gotta give...


Although I TRULY try to enjoy every season, this year, somethings gotta give. I am slowly incorporating warm weather pieces into my wardrobe because well, I just can’t take winter clothing anymore! Here are some ways that I have been mixing it up and sneaking in some of my spring/summer go to’s…

1 Try adding a skirt with your sweater or hoodie instead of jeans. You can still stay warm with that warm top layer or even add a hat! Finish off the look with ankle boots.

2 Another idea… with that same sweater or hoodie, finish it off with some slouchy jeans, a belt and your favorite 2 strap heels!

3 My final layering trick for when it’s ALMOST spring and you’re dying to mix things up…wear your favorite floral dress under that hoodie! I’m telling you, it’ll look cute! Layer jeans under it too if it’s really cold, and add finishing touches like chandelier earrings, cool sneakers, and a leather jacket! Maybe a bold lip too if you’re up for it.

Happy Wednesday, friends! Hope you all are having a great week, and thanks for stopping by HW!!!

Here are some pieces for the 3 ideas mentioned above:


Leather mini skirt (currently on sale!)

Leather pencil skirt

Slouchy jeans

2 strap heels

Floral dress