Spring capsule wardrobe


Good morning! I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend and enjoyed some beautiful weather! I’m happy to report I’ve finished my top 15 pieces for your spring wardrobe! I hope you love what I’ve put together for you, as I tried to keep most of these budget friendly. I added some cute yellow pants for $15, my current favorite lipstick for $10, and a few other pieces I think will be PERFECT for spring. Have a lovely week, everyone! Thank you very much for stopping by Honestly West!

  1. White tee

  2. Flat brim hat

  3. Layering necklaces

  4. Denim jacket

  5. The perfect pair of Levi’s

  6. Colorful wide leg trousers

  7. Blazer

  8. Belt for said blazer

  9. Lace up booties

  10. White button up shirt

  11. A bold lipstick

  12. A silk skirt or two

  13. Olive jumpsuit

  14. Fiddler cap

  15. Belt bag