Summer in the city with Jon Taylor Sweet


Hi, friends! I know I’ve said this before, but sometimes I am really blown away by Instagram. Ever since we moved back to Seattle specifically, I’ve made so many connections and legitimately made new friends here through this crazy little app. People always complain about it, (myself included from time to time) but it really can be used for GOOD if we allow it to be! I’ve had so many people just message me and say, “Hey! Let’s work together! “ and from there we have grown into true friends. That’s exactly how I met Jon. He just messaged me and said let’s go shoot together one day! We had a mutual friend too so she came along with us for a quick morning photo shoot! It’s amazing how many people you meet if you just step outside of your comfort zone and reach out to them! You’ll surprisingly find that most people respond to you. After all, we all are just humans working behind those little artistic squares!

Here are two easy looks for summer…of course layers are included as the weather changes here in the PNW every 5 minutes! I hope you all have a great week and that this inspires you to reach out to someone you’ve always wanted to on the gram. You never know what may happen if you do!

Yellow pants

Similar leather jacket (currently 50% off!)

Doc Martens

Bell bottom jeans

Band tee options

Similar striped duster

Photos by Jon Taylor Sweet