Why I love a blazer/suit in the summer


Good morning and happy Monday! I originally shot this look in the fall, but I want to talk about suits and blazers and why I love them for the summer as well!

As most of you now know, I have a curated capsule wardrobe, which means I like to get creative with working my small collection into my looks no matter the season. I really enjoy this and my favorite pieces include blazers and wide leg trousers.

Here’s why I like these pieces for summer. You can layer them. Wear a swimsuit underneath and then you can add the blazer on top if it’s a chilly evening or if you’re somewhere with way too much AC blasting! OR, you can wear nothing underneath and just belt your blazer for a date night or girls night out! I love feeling polished and usually find that most summer pieces don’t do it for me. They’re just too cutesy and I don’t feel put together or sophisticated, hence bringing in trousers and blazers.

Try wearing a swimsuit, bodysuit or dress under a blazer and see how you like it this summer! Another great resource for styling a blazer: a style blog called Hello Thalita! The possibilities are literally endless and she has linked a bunch of great styling options as well!

Next up, I’m gonna tackle summer footwear so stay tuned! I’ll talk about all my favorites and how to keep the look edgy and sophisticated! Thanks for stopping by, friends! Hope your week is off to a great start!

Blazer options (and they’re currently on sale!!!)


Swimwear for layering

Shot by Karla Melgarejo Photography