Easy summer look, plus a few thoughts on life!!


Here is one of my go-to, simple, every day summer looks. I loved the long shorts trend that came around back in 2005, and I love that they’re back again! Whether you’re wearing cotton bike shorts or longer denim ones, they are perfect for women who don’t want SHORT shorts!! Plus they’re slightly more sophisticated in my opinion. Finish off the look with a bodysuit and easy mules and you’re all ready for a busy summer day!

Side note: I’ve been thinking a lot about life lately. Well, I guess I always am, but I got to talking with another woman on Instagram yesterday. We were talking about hard days, our kids, and we touched base on how we want to raise them based on what feels “right” to us. I think about this a lot, and what I really think is that we all need a reminder to do what feels right to US!!! Trust your gut and what feels intrinsically good to you! This is important in your relationships, what path you take professionally, and especially important when deciding on how to raise your kids!

Unfortunately, I think this is all getting messy due to social media. I think as women we feel pressure to have it all together, have this picture perfect life, throw perfect birthday parties, have high powered careers, cook dinner every night, and to top it all off, most bloggers and influencers are pushing things that in MY opinion, are unrealistic. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fashion, and I find joy in creating photo shoots and making something beautiful by collectively creating with my friends and colleagues. That DOESN’T mean I have tons of money, spend tons of money, get botox, lash extensions, microblade my brows, or pay for expensive workouts. GIVE ME A BREAK! No one could ever keep up with all of that!!!! I feel like it’s a false picture of what life should look like.

I’m not saying that those who do it are wrong, I’m just saying for me personally, it’s unattainable. So let’s come back down to earth, shall we? Let’s remember that we’re all human, we’re all trying our best, and that if we don’t look like the person next to us, THAT’S OKAY! We all need to listen to that quiet voice inside of us that truly knows what’s best. If there’s anything I’ve learned this year, it’s that your gut won’t lead you astray, and that what’s really important isn’t that you have it all together and look perfect on social media…because let’s be honest, isn’t it better to connect with real humans and talk about real issues instead of being fake and trying to keep up with the Jones’ all the time? That won’t bring you happiness. Just being honest and genuine with yourself and your circle will. Trust me. Okay, and maybe a long pair of shorts! lol!

Thanks for staying and reading to learn more about what I’m all about. I hope some of you liked it and will stay around on this journey with me. If you don’t, that’s okay too! Life’s too short to spend your time on people who don’t make you better and happier every damn day!

Shorts from Aritzia

Levi’s shorts (currently on sale!)

Topshop denim cycling shorts

Studded mules

ps I just noticed a piece of dirt on the floor in my first pic…but I’m not gonna stress cause I’m NOT perfect, nor should I be!!