Look pulled together in sweatpants


Okay, okay, I know some of you are wrinkling your nose saying I've lost my mind... but I kind of love this idea of throwing the rules out the window and putting pieces like this together!  I think wearing sweats in public is totally doable if you spruce it up with a fun pair of booties and a structured coat!!  Pull your hair up so it looks chic, and finish it all off with a bold lip so you're still looking put together...after all, you didn't just roll out of bed, this look was actually purposeful!  Give it a try this weekend if you've got some errands to run!

Cropped sweatshirt


Trench coat




Looking polished in a pinch


Thank you all again for your awesome feedback and questions yesterday!  I am going to get to everything eventually, but today I'm talking about looking polished in a pinch. 

So it's laundry day.  Nearly everything is dirty.  You need to get the kids out the door to daycare/school stat and get on with your day, yet you are a hot mess.  This is honestly me most days so I try to make it work with these tips:

1.  Grab your 1 clean pair of pants and a tee shirt.

2.  Top it with a STRUCTERED jacket/coat.  Whether this is a leather jacket, blazer or trench, outerwear is absolutely key here.  People won't even notice what you're wearing underneath if you have a polished coat on.  It makes a huge difference.  Leave your fleece or frumpy sweatshirt at home and put on your favorite outerwear.

3.  Don't forget makeup.  When I'm pinched for time, I always at least do the following:  foundation, brow gel, mascara, lip gloss.  (Sometimes I even throw on a bold lipstick and that almost always makes me feel confident!)

4.  Last but not least...jewelry.  Even if you feel a mess, if you have makeup on, a cute jacket and some simple jewelry on, you will feel 100 times more put together!

I hope this helps all of you crazy busy women out there!  You can do it!  Don't let those crazy mornings stop you from feeling confident and beautiful.  You deserve it after all!!!

Trench coat pictured


Let's create a capsule wardrobe


Crazy busy moms out there?  I'm talking to you today.  Are you struggling to find anything to wear these days?  Don't quite fit into your old clothes, but don't know where to go from here?  Let me help!  I'm sure you all have heard the phrase, "capsule wardrobe" before.  If not, let me quickly get you up to speed.  It's great for people like me because it's a minimalist approach to fashion, sticking to around 30 pieces in your closet that you can then mix and match, adding accessories to change up the look. 

My advice?  First, purge.  Go through your entire closet, and throw out or donate the things you haven't worn in the past 2 years.  Ask yourself, "Does this fit? Will I ever wear this again?  If I were out shopping right now, would I even buy this?  Do I feel confident when wearing this?"

JUST DO IT.  All of the old clothes need to go.  They're probably outdated, and let's be honest, you really only wear the things in the front 1/3 of the closet anyway, right???  Sometimes it's scary to get rid of things, because then you simply feel like you have nothing to wear!  If you can get beyond this thinking, you will be fine!  Push through!

Next, a list of things that you should own.  Simple pieces you can mix and match.  Here are some things I think everyone should have in their wardrobe.  Things you can dress up or down.  Here we go...

1.  Simple white tee shirt

2.  Dressy, crisp white button up

3.  Slouchy, cropped tee shirt

4.  You're favorite worn in graphic tee

5.   Simple tank (I have MANY of these!)

6.  Cozy sweatshirt

7.  Off the shoulder sweater

8.  Simple midi dress (dress up or down)

9.  Denim shorts

10.  Black skinny jeans

11.  Relaxed boyfriend jeans

12.  High rise flared jeans

13.  Blazer

14.  Leather jacket (real or faux, which ever you prefer)

15.  Military style olive green jacket

16.  Trench coat

17.  Down coat for the REALLY cold days

18.  Pencil skirt

19.  Floral dress

20.  High tops

21.  Sandals

22.  Ankle bootie

23.  Ballet flats (love these sweet, basic options from Ellen DeGeneres)

24.  Pumps (in a neutral color so you can wear them with EVERYTHING)

25.  A fun colorful heel

There are obviously many more things you could add to your wardrobe, but I figured these 25 were a good jumping off point!  Happy Monday, and thanks for stopping by HW!

Photos by Tiffany Redmon Photography