It’s no secret that I am legitimately obsessed with Topshop. I bought this dress over the summer and have worn it a million times. I love the wrap style, the vertical black and white stripes, it’s just so versatile!

Photos captured by: Karla Melgarejo Photography

Striped dress

Doc Martens

Fanny pack (yep, they’re back in a HUGE way!)


2 boots for the season


Love these two boot options for fall! Everything comes back around again, doesn’t it? I had a pair of lace up boots with the ridged sole back in 8th grade. Then again in college. And here they are again! Love seeing trends come around for a 2nd or 3rd time because you get a chance to style them in ways you hadn’t before! I linked a heeled boot or the doc martens which are both great options right now!

Lace up heeled boot

Doc martens


Hoodie + denim days


I have rarely worn a hoodie since moving away from Seattle 11 years ago, (crazy it's been that long!) but every once in a blue moon, I wear one on a lazy day.  I'd say a snow day is definitely worth pulling out a hoodie! 

When I think of my childhood, I definitely think of sweatshirts and jeans.  That's probably why I'll always be a jeans girl.  Denim is strangely what I feel the most pretty in, and the most like myself. 

Hope you all enjoyed this look.  Sometimes going back to the basics is weirdly refreshing!

Velvet choker

Doc martens

Nyx lipstick in 'shy'