New Years Eve


New Years eve looming with nothing to wear?  Let's discuss for a second as we only have two days left! Instead of trying to run out and buy something new, think of fun ways to change your look for the evening.  Maybe an extreme side part? A low bun? A vintage look with some stacked bobby pins perhaps?  (see previous vintage post).  Wear it in a way that you NEVER do so that it seems different and fun.  Same goes for jewelry.  Wear something fun and unexpected that your friends wouldn't generally see on you.  You can keep your outfit simple but try these tricks to spice up your look.  Grab some statement earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.  Though I wouldn't normally ever wear ANY type of sparkle on my nails, I think New Years eve is the exception to the rule.  So get out all of your glitter and get it out of your system, if just for the night.  And if you still haven't tried a bold lip, now is the time! Grab some! Think bold reds, bright pinks, maybe even a deep purple. If there is ever a time to try a bright lipstick, it is definitely for new years! Remember, if you go for a glittery nail polish or sparkly earrings, keep the rest of the outfit toned down and as sophisticated as possible.  Last but not least, remember to have fun and be safe y'all.  


Finishing touches


When I am getting ready in the morning, I try to always remember the little things that make an outfit, the finishing touches.  Swipe on some brow gel at the end of your makeup routine to hold your eyebrows in place for the day.   There are many brands out there.  My favorite 2 are by Anastasia and Nyx.  I find the Nyx control freak brow gel holds the best.  Next, don't forget to throw on some jewelry!  It will make your outfit feel complete.  These fun Kate Spade earrings, (which are very affordable I might add) take little effort but pack a punch.  Add a spritz of perfume and you're on your way.  Hope y'all have a fabulous week!