Summer hair and makeup essentials


Summer is just around the corner, which means lots of fun in the sun, pool days, traveling, and running around.  This also means our hair and makeup routine needs to change a little bit.  It's hard to feel pretty in the summer, especially in the south with temps often times near 100 degrees, and extremely high humidity!  These are my favorite makeup and hair products that I use in the summer to beat the heat and still look and feel presentable...

1.  Physicians Formula Conceal Rx.  This stuff is amazing and only about ten dollars.  It is really tacky and thick and keeps in place pretty well all summer long, even if at the pool.  Bonus:  It covers those circles extremely well if you're dragging from all of your summer activities.

2.  Clinique stay matte oil-free makeup.  I LOVE this foundation, and the matte formula is especially helpful in those hot summer months.  It is $24.00, but worth every penny!!!!

3.  Nars Illuminator in the color orgasm.   I have been using this illuminator for years and it is awesome!  It's like a blush, bronzer, and highlighter in one which is perfect and easy for the summer!  You only need a tiny bit on your cheekbones and you will look like a glowing beach goddess all day!  It also lasts for a long time because you really only need a little bit!

4.  Don't forget those brows!  Even if I skip foundation on a hot day, I always finish off my brows with my Nyx brow mascara.  I use the color blonde and it's just enough to make my brows look a little bit more "done."  I find this also seems to last just fine even after a pool day.   This is only $6.99 and really pulls together your summer face!

5.  Let us not forget that frizzy, crazy, summer hair!! My holy grail to battle the frizz is the famous Moroccanoil treatment.  Put a little bit in the ends of your hair every morning and your hair will not only smell like heaven,  but it will also battle the frizz and your hair will be so soft! I recommend trying the small travel sized bottle first before splurging on the large one, as it is a bit expensive.  Once you've purchased it though, it'll last for ages!  For the full size Moroccanoil treatment, click here.

I hope this helps you all beat the heat this summer while remaining confident and beautiful! As always, thanks for stopping by Honestly West! 


Heaven in a bottle


I know I've mentioned Moroccan oil before, but for those of you who have not yet tried it, it is literally heaven in a bottle.  It smells soooo good and leaves your hair so soft!  It is a tad bit pricey...about $24 a bottle, but I even recommend JUST buying the conditioner.  Skip the shampoo if it's too much to spend and find a more affordable option.  The conditioner will leave your hair soft and the smell will linger all day.  Makes you feel like you're on vacation!  It's also great for those of you who either color your hair, or just don't get your hair trimmed very often.  I think we're all guilty of that, especially those of us who are trying to grow it out.  You will not regret this purchase!

Moroccanoil Moisture repair conditioner