High waisted bikini


Y'all, it's almost that time...dun dun dun....swimsuit season!  Yikes!  I was never a big fan of wearing a swimsuit to be honest, well that was until the high waisted bikini came around.  It's been holding its own and staying strong for about 4 years now, and I for one am thrilled!  Over the past few summers I've picked up 3 tops and 2 bottoms so that I can mix and match between them.  My go to would generally be Nordstrom, but swimsuits are downright expensive, (and for such little fabric!) so I've turned to more affordable options.  The patterned suit is from Urban Outfitters, and the all black I found at American Eagle!  I don't normally shop at either of these stores, but for swimwear, they're great!  Urban Outfitters has awesome choices and lots of high waisted options.  I don't usually like patterns or mixing them, but for swimsuits I feel like it's fun, and since there isn't a lot of material, it's not an eyesore, so it's okay.  I love wearing a fun unexpected pattern, but also love sticking with all black sometimes.  I adore this fringe strapless top I picked up in Hawaii a few years back.  It's great because it doesn't give you awful tan lines on your shoulders!  

High waisted are my favorite for both denim and swimwear.  It just looks flattering on everyone and I'm so glad the trend is holding strong! Another great idea is to just go out and buy a high waisted bikini bottom or 2, and wear them with the bikini tops you already have!  Here are some great options that are available this summer...

I LOVE these lavender bottoms!

These striped high waisted bottoms are adorable

These yellow bikini bottoms are so fun!!  And only $24.95!

Here are the plain black bikini bottoms pictured above.  (I wear them without folding them down) These are also only $24.95!! Such a steal!!!!



The bodysuit is back


I remember wearing bodysuits back in my early teen years.  Anything that was hip and fashionable I had to have, but back then I think they were mostly short sleeved with some kind of all 90's striped/grungy/plaid pattern.  Am I right?  But the bodysuit is back....and better than ever!  I feel like every trend that makes its way around again is always better the second time.  Updated and more simple.  I just bought one that is a crew neck, long sleeved, simple and classic.  A plus...I don't have to worry about my stomach or sides showing when I lean over to pick up a kid or tie my shoe! Honestly, anyone who has this issue and doesn't love their middle section will agree that this new option is amazing.  It sort of smooths everything out like when you're wearing spanx.  I am excited to try this trend once again and hopefully it's here to stay.  I love new fresh clothing trends that come along that not only look cute but make me FEEL confident and comfortable. 

Here is the one I recently purchased:


Here are a few others: