Things I'm loving this week


1.  Gerard cosmetics matte liquid lipstick.  Can I just tell you how much I love this stuff??  It looks pretty.  It's easy to apply.  It stays put ALL DAY!  Even if I go out to eat or am drinking coffee, it stays on my lips and doesn't transfer!  Another tidbit...a tube of this is $20.  I find this to be a tad bit steep, but I found a red color yesterday that I really wanted.  I literally googled discount codes, found one, and ended up only spending $14 for one of their matte lipsticks!  This may seem obvious, but I honestly didn't know you could do this until my husband told me a few years ago.  If you REALLY want something online but don't like the price tag, always look for a discount code or coupon online first that you can apply when checking out.   

2.  A BEAUTY BLENDER!!!  If you haven't tried one, go get one right now!  If you don't want to spend the $20 for the "official" beauty blender, buy the Sephora knockoff blender for $12.  I use mine to gently press in my concealer and it just blends it better than your finger can.  I also use it to gently blend in my Sephora airbrush foundation.  This little sponge is genius and really helps with the application process.

3.  Foundation primer.  I know I've talked about this before, but I really do believe a primer is a must!  I know some people think it's a gimmick, and don't want to spend the money for yet another product, but I'm telling you, it's what makes your face look flawless.  Bonus:  it makes your makeup stay on longer.  Here is another primer option by Mary Kay that is a little more reasonably priced.  Side note:  lash primer is also a great product that makes your mascara look 10 times better!)



Back to school, Mom edition


Oh's that time of year again.  I know all of you parents out there have been busy with back to school shopping, picking up last minute school supplies, and getting your kids ready for the year.  I decided that we moms need a little time too to think about how we will be ready for those CRAZY mornings where we're all rushing to get to daycare, school, work, etc.  For me, getting ready in the morning is always tough, especially when we're all getting back in the swing of things.  My formula:  Tank or tee, fave jeans, cute sneakers, and sunglasses.  LARGE sunglasses.  If there's time, I usually grab a necklace like this simple suede choker, or perhaps a stack of bracelets or statement watch. 

I always loved the first week of school.  Seeing friends you've missed over the summer, wearing that special new pair of shoes,  and finding out what classes everyone is taking.

Good luck all you crazy busy parents out there!  I hope everyone gets off to a great start!

Topshop Joni high rise jeans


Suede choker

Quay sunnies

Photography by my better half