Rodan + fields review


I hear everyone talking about Rodan + Fields, so I decided it was time for a blog review!  I tried 3 products so want to touch on each product briefly.

1.  First, I used the micro-dermabrasion paste.  This stuff is no joke.  It truly sloughs off the dead skin and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.

2.  Next, I used the night renewing serum, (in the blue capsules)  It smells AMAZING, and literally feels like velvet.  It reminds me of the Younique primer, if any of you have used that.  Very smooth and buttery, and literally makes your skin feel like velvet.

3.  Last up, I broke into the lip renewing serum.  I have pretty dry lips and this stuff felt amazing on my lips. 

I used these 3 products last night, and I have to say, today, my skin looks pretty darn good!  It's amazingly fresh looking and soft!!!

So....I would give these products 2 thumbs up!  I see what all the hype is about.  I would definitely recommend the investment if you are someone needing some serious skincare/tlc.  If you like to take good care of your face, these products may just be for you!

Contact my friend Emily here for access to samples, product info, or to order any products! 


Knot it


I love how fashion trends come back around time and time again.  We keep seeing nods to the 80's and 90's and it reminds me of my childhood and teen years.  The current trend:  knotting your shirt.  Super easy, and adds a little something to an otherwise boring shirt, don't you think?

I decided to go with all black and whites for this look...I don't know why, but the B/W photos always seem to turn out looking slightly more artistic and personal to me.  

The weather is pretty hot here in Charlotte, so I've just been letting my hair air dry and trying not to worry about styling it anymore.  The humidity takes hold of it and does whatever it wants anyway, so I'm going with it.  I hope you all are enjoying your summer so far!

As always, thank you so very much for stopping by Honestly West!

Black tee 

High rise skinnies

Studded boots


On the hunt for the PERFECT denim...


Ladies (and gentlemen), I am on the hunt for the PERFECT new pair of denim. Does this elusive thing even exist?

I have searched and searched for the perfect pair of jeans for literally my entire life.  Just when I think I've found the perfect pair... they rip, or are uncomfortable, or are unflattering, or too much money, you get the idea...

Here is my wish list for the perfect jeans:

1.  High rise

2.  Slightly loose fitting, but not TOO loose

3.  Some distressing (duh)

4.  The perfect blue hue

5.  A little bit of stretch in the material

6.  A reasonable price tag


What are you guys wearing?  What do you love?  I will not stop until I find "the one"  and I need your help!!! 

(Side note:  I miss my blonde hair.  It'll probably make a come back very soon.)

Photo:  Tiffany Redmon Photography


Flower shimmer/strobe palette review


I have always loved Drew Barrymore, so when she came out with the makeup line "Flower" I was excited/curious to try it!  I have always thought she had great style, so figured I'd probably like what she had put out!  The line is ONLY sold at Walmart, (I don't regularly shop there) hence I hadn't had a chance to pick up any of the flower line.  Luckily a friend of mine had bought the shimmer/strobe palette so I got to try hers out before purchasing it for myself. 

The colors in this set are beautiful and I really love all 3!  It includes a champagne color, more of a pinky tone, and a gold tone, so I think it can accommodate everyone's needs.  I really love the way it pops on your cheeks and have been really happy with it so far!  The only negatives are the cheap packaging isn't that great, and the brush it comes with is not ideal.  Forego the brush in the set and find a smaller one to gently apply to your cheeks/bridge of your nose.  You can always add more, but I suggest starting with just a little as it has a lot of pigment to it! 

At only $12.98, this product is doable for a lot of people, which I love!!  If you're on a tight budget but LOVE highlighter like I do, definitely give this one a try! 

Flower shimmer & strobe highlighting palette


Hat days


Do you ever get stuck on a certain trend for a few weeks?  Sometimes it's a lipstick, a certain pair of jeans...this week, it's hats.  I stumbled upon a few of my favorites in the closet last week and I can't stop wearing them.  It MAY have something to do with the fact that I don't really fancy my short hair, but I can't be certain. 

We are packing up the car and headed to NEW YORK for a few days to see my sister, brother in law,  and to spend some time with my niece!  The kids haven't met her yet and they are beyond excited!  I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!

Black baseball cap


Ask me anything

ask me anything pic.jpg

The last time I did an "ask me anything" post was back in March! (Time really does fly!) I absolutely love all of your feedback on these posts, so I've been trying to do them every few months.  It's so insightful to hear from you, and so much fun to answer your questions.  What have you been wanting to see this summer?  More summer fashion?  Makeup?  Hair?  I have been hearing from a lot of you about haircuts and styles and what to ask for when you head to the salon,  (one of my biggest biggest tips?  Tell them NOT to dry your hair with a round brush! lol!)

Please keep the questions coming...I can't wait to hear more...

Thank you all for your constant support of Honestly West.  You guys are the best.  xoxo

Lipstick sweatshirt

Boyfriend jeans

Leopard clutch

Photo: Tiffany Redmon Photography