Sleek sneakers


I am loving that sleek, comfortable footwear is so in right now.  For once, shoes that are good for your feet are considered stylish.  I've had these Nike's for a while now and I still love them!  I love the blacks, whites, and metallics.  I think the sleeker the tennis shoe, the more easily you can pair it with different pieces...from leggings to jeans to dresses, anything goes these days and I kind of love it.  

If you don't have some yet, I highly recommend investing in some sleek, classic sneakers.

Black Nike's

Love this nude pair

Silver Nike's

You can never go wrong with an all white pair

Photos:  Tiffany Redmon Photography



What is strobing you ask?


Highlighters are huge right now.  The term "strobing" is basically just a fancy term for highlighting your face.  I sort of like to think of strobing as taking your highlight to the next level.  High end, low end, it is literally everywhere you look.  I like to layer a cream highlighter and powder one for an extreme and dewy look...(great for a night out!)  I've tried the powder highlighters alone, and they just don't do much.  You need both forms to really create a powerful sheen.   

Nyx liquid illuminator

Becca shimmering skin perfector

If you are trying out this bold look, keep your other products, ie powders, blushes or bronzers matte so that you don't look completely greasy or like you've overdone it.  Let the main shimmery cheeks be the star of the show.  Another way to bump up your strobing?  Add a little highlight in the corners of your eyes, down the bridge of your nose, and on your cupid's bow.

Don't like the extremely dewy cheek look?  Add a small pea size of the Nyx liquid illuminator to your foundation for a slight glow all over!  Whether you go for an extreme highlight or a dewiness all over, you really can't go wrong!


Welcome, spring!


I am so happy spring is just around the corner.  The trees are blooming, the birds are chirping, (my eyes are stinging) but that's okay.  I am happy to see Winter in my rear view mirror!  This is one of my very favorite dresses of all time.  I wore it in my sisters wedding.  I wore it to Tim's award ceremony in DC last year.  I have actually had more chances than I thought to bring this lace dress out.  I purchased it on Etsy a few years ago, and it is surprisingly comfortable, can be dressed up or down, and even has a little stretch in it, which I love.  I've worn it with heels, black booties, and converse!  I love switching up the accessories to entirely change the look.

What better time to bring out your lace pieces than spring???

Lace dress (sizing is European, so order accordingly)

White converse

Two piece ear cuff

 Red matte lipstick in the color 'immortal'

Side note:  This tree and location really do make for beautiful spring photos, but the tree won't stay in bloom long!  If you are interested in booking a mini session at this same location THIS SATURDAY morning (Feb 25th,) hop over to Tiffany Redmon Photography, and click on her contact tab to get in touch with her.  Limited spaces available so act fast! 


A day at the Biltmore


We went to Asheville, NC this weekend!  Sunday morning was comprised of visiting and exploring the Biltmore Estate.  I have been there a few times before, but had forgotten how beautiful the grounds are (even in the middle of winter!)  The statues, gardens, and views of the blue ridge mountains are so picturesque.  Although it was chilly and VERY windy, (I was holding onto my hair and scarf the entire time) we did our best to capture the beauty surrounding us. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  Thank you for stopping by HW!

Similar bodysuit

Leather pencil skirt

Studded boots





I recently discovered a site called  They have everything from simple, sophisticated dresses to fun, slightly different workout wear.  You all know I love the slightly different side to fashion, so I naturally got excited.  I bought this swimsuit (I've clearly got warmer weather on the brain) and love that it's unique yet still classy.  I adore the homage to a wet suit zipper and the netted short sleeves.  Good stuff.  Unfortunately this exact swimsuit is no longer available, but I've linked a few suits that I am also eyeing for the summer.  

Here's a cute cutout one piece for only $42!

Love this one piece with the floral cutouts

For those of you a little more daring, I keep coming back to this abstract blue one piece as well.  It's so cool and unique!

I also love their dress selection and this boat neck grey midi dress!

Check out other swimwear options on their fashion site here, and follow along with their blog for more, including 10 types of fashion styles here

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Things I'm loving this week


1.  Gerard cosmetics matte liquid lipstick.  Can I just tell you how much I love this stuff??  It looks pretty.  It's easy to apply.  It stays put ALL DAY!  Even if I go out to eat or am drinking coffee, it stays on my lips and doesn't transfer!  Another tidbit...a tube of this is $20.  I find this to be a tad bit steep, but I found a red color yesterday that I really wanted.  I literally googled discount codes, found one, and ended up only spending $14 for one of their matte lipsticks!  This may seem obvious, but I honestly didn't know you could do this until my husband told me a few years ago.  If you REALLY want something online but don't like the price tag, always look for a discount code or coupon online first that you can apply when checking out.   

2.  A BEAUTY BLENDER!!!  If you haven't tried one, go get one right now!  If you don't want to spend the $20 for the "official" beauty blender, buy the Sephora knockoff blender for $12.  I use mine to gently press in my concealer and it just blends it better than your finger can.  I also use it to gently blend in my Sephora airbrush foundation.  This little sponge is genius and really helps with the application process.

3.  Foundation primer.  I know I've talked about this before, but I really do believe a primer is a must!  I know some people think it's a gimmick, and don't want to spend the money for yet another product, but I'm telling you, it's what makes your face look flawless.  Bonus:  it makes your makeup stay on longer.  Here is another primer option by Mary Kay that is a little more reasonably priced.  Side note:  lash primer is also a great product that makes your mascara look 10 times better!)



I live for these people...


Happy Valentine's Day to these 3!  To the man who just gets me, and always makes me laugh.  I am so proud of you.  To Mae and Win, who make my heart swell every single day.  Motherhood is definitely the hardest thing I've ever attempted, but I have learned how to love more than I ever thought possible.  Seeing these little humans we have created learn to love and be kind makes me so truly happy.  The love they show both us and those around them makes me feel as though I've done at least 1 thing right...


Tiffany Redmon Photography


Sparkle in her eye


Sometimes you just need a little sparkle.  Some time by the lake.  A good chat with a girlfriend.  (who just happens to be an amazing photographer as well!)  I'm sticking with my theme here of finishing off the basics to look polished.  Today is chilly, I'm still fighting a cold, I'm all I really wanted to wear were my trusty black leggings.  I decided that wasn't QUITE enough, so I grabbed my favorite hat to keep warm, a sparkly clutch, my trench, and peep toe booties...because you CAN look polished and still be comfortable.  This is my attempt to prove it to you. 

Happy Monday, all.  Hope this week is full of sweet treats, lots of love, and ZERO germs!!!

Trench coat

Peep toe booties


Hand chain

Metal matte lipstick in 'underworld'

Photo credit:  my amazing friend Tonya Braddock Gonzales