It's almost blazer season


Happy Friday, friends!  What is it about a blazer that just makes your outfit look so pulled together?  I find myself grabbing one a lot these days.  It even looks cute over a tee and pair of leggings.  It somehow takes a comfy, somewhat frumpy look and turns it into a cute, stylish one.  I love all things inspired by menswear, and a blazer is the perfect piece to include in your wardrobe for a polished look!


Photo:  Tiffany Redmon Photography


My top 5 accessories for fall!


1.  Hands down, my favorite piece in my closet is my leather jacket.  It makes every outfit seem polished and slightly edgy to me, which I absolutely love!

2.  A great sneaker.  My favorite 2 are my classic black converse and my leather high tops

3.  The perfect black ankle boots.  I wear my studded Topshop boots ALL the time! 

4.  A basic stud earring, or simple ear climbers.  Something you can wear every day with any outfit!

5.  A matte lipstick in a pretty fall color like dark red, wine, or purple

All photos taken by the amazingly talented and lovely Tiffany Redmon Photography


Makeup I'm wearing/must haves


I know I talk about makeup a LOT, but I really do love it!!  I feel like if you're using the right products in the right way, you really will feel 100 times more confident!  Here are my current ride or dies...

1.  Primer.  I know, I know, one more thing to put on your face.  I encourage you to try it.  It makes a huge difference in your skin tone and makes your foundation look prettier.

2.  Foundation.  I like a luminous finish, as I think it makes my skin feel younger and more dewy. 

3.  Contour.  If you haven't ever contoured, try it.  If you need help, I'll come over and help you, or we can do it over a video chat!  (Seriously!)

4.  Highlighter.  There are a million out there at every price point.  I am currently using the Flower palette from Drew Barrymore's line.

5.  Brow gel.  This is non-negotiable at this point. I can't go a day without it.  Even on the days when I skip a full face, I always do a little brow gel.  

6.  The perfect red lip!  Splurge on a Lipsense or Anastasia Beverly Hills color or save with a Nyx tube! (I use the color Pure Red)

7.  Last but not least, a great mascara.  I still use Lash Love and think it's freaking fantastic for the price!

My skin is far from perfect and I am always learning, but it is so much fun to pick up tricks and ways to improve your skin and face, which in turn make you feel a bit more ready to take on the world each day!


Honestly West hits year 2!


I started this venture 2 years ago and I can hardly believe it's been that long!  It has been my lifeline to the outside world and a fun way for me to stay in touch with my artistic, creative side (not that I don't love the "mommy" side, but I've definitely learned you need both!)

Thank you to all of my readers, both old and new.  Without you, I may have thrown in the towel...and that would have been sad, because I really do feel like I have finally found my calling.  I am more than thrilled that people are responding, as I honestly never knew if that would happen!  I always hoped this would lead to some type of career for me, and I am still working hard on that!!

With the 2 year mark of Honestly West, I have decided to dive into a {somewhat} new realm, and will soon be offering stylist services as well!  I get contacted pretty frequently by friends/neighbors/acquaintances about helping them with various events... whether it's cleaning out their closet, creating a capsule wardrobe or helping with makeup tips, I've even helped devise a plan for a friend heading to the hair salon!

I love that I have been getting asked these questions, so I am taking the idea and running with it!  If you need help purging old clothes, want to go shopping for new ones, need help for a certain event, or just want to talk hair and makeup, I'm your girl!  Consider me your best friend who is just coming over to help you get ready!  Contact me for pricing!  I promise I am super affordable!  

Thank you again for all of your love and support over these past two years!  It TRULY means the world to me!!!

Similar silver jumpsuit (and it's on sale for $38!)

Band tee

Leather jacket

Statement necklace

Matching earrings


Pictures by the UBER talented Tiffany Redmon Photography.  Thank you for your help/support/listening ear this past year!  It's wonderful to constantly be surrounded by such talent!