Primers, primers


Two products that I've started using in the past year are eyelash primer, and face primer.  They both make a HUGE difference in how your products go on and stay put, and I can't live without them now!  They are not just a gimmick and one more product to buy...they truly were created for a reason!! 

The lash primer thickens your lashes so that when you put on your mascara, your lashes look fuller and longer!  The face primer minimizes your pores and makes your primer go on smoother and creates a more flawless finish!  (If you haven't seen the orange analogy with and without primer, look it up and you'll be amazed by the difference!!)

My favorite for lashes:  Mary Kay lash primer, followed by lash love of course!!!

Face primer:  Younique glorious face primer


A chic classic


Ahhhh, the crisp white button up.  I come back to it time and time again because it's just that good.  EVERYONE can wear it, you can be find one at ANY price point, and it can be worn with virtually anything!!  My favorite pieces to finish it off?  Your favorite denim, (shorts in the summer or long jeans in the winter) or a great leather legging.  Add pumps, flats, booties, slides, anything goes! 

Shop the men's section for the perfect crisp, oversized look.

White pumps

Photo credit:  Tiffany Redmon Photography


Garden themed baby shower!


I had the immense pleasure of throwing my next door neighbor a garden themed baby shower this past weekend.  It was so much fun!  Mae wanted to be VERY involved and helped me write on the chalkboard, arranged flowers with me, and helped prepare the food.  It is so much fun doing things like this with her now that she is getting older! 

Here are some of the pieces I used...

Magnolia garland

Boxwood wreath

White teepee (Not just for kids! lol)

Cakes by Randi created this "naked" cake for me!  (she NAILED my vision and it tasted amazing!!)

Starry string lights

Chalkboard from Ikea


Monat review


I have been hearing about the naturally based Monat hair products for a while now, so when I was contacted about reviewing a few products from the line, I had pretty high expectations.  I tried both the "Magnify system" and the "Volume system." 

The magnify system made my hair feel a little bit better, but I was kind of underwhelmed based on the amazing results I had heard about...BUT THEN....I tried the Volume shampoo/conditioner and it was a whole different story.  My hair feels AMAZINGLY soft and so clean.  It has a little bounce to it like I haven't felt in years!  I have tried a million shampoos out there, and I am really picky about my hair and how it feels and it HAS to lay right, otherwise I won't like it. 

I definitely didn't think I'd like the Volume system, but to my surprise, that is the one that works best for my particular hair type.  If you are a hair snob like me, I highly recommend trying all of the systems to find that perfect one for you that makes your hair look and feel amazing!   My friend Abigail will send you samples of all types and help you find the perfect fit!!! I highly recommend these products if you are still looking for that perfect hair care and "the one!"

Shop all Monat products or contact for samples here!