New fall faves


On my latest trip to Ulta, I set out to find 2 new items:  a colored brew gel and a new darker lip color.  Low and behold, I found both!  Naturally I headed toward one of my favorite affordable brands, Nyx.  I clearly can't get enough of their stuff, as it seems I am always posting about their products.  I have always known my brows needed some work.  I gave up waxing them years ago to cut costs and have been trying to maintain them on my own.  This is not a small fete.  Men have no idea what goes into a beautifully groomed brow! Though I've been trying to keep them nicely shaped and have been using a clear brow gel, something still just didn't seem right.  I saw all of these women with gorgeous brows and I wanted them too! What I slowly realized is that they didn't just have perfect brows.  They had help.  A little secret.  Enter, colored brow gel.  I picked up the Nyx eyebrow gel in "chocolate."  They have 5 colors so it's pretty easy to find one that suits you.  With a tiny angle brush and a little bit of patience, I finally found the results I have been looking for! All this time I was using a clear gel, but what I needed was a bit of color to really fill them in nicely.  Next up, a lovely wine colored matte lip cream.  This one is also by Nyx, and the color is "Prague."  For those of you who don't like the feel of lipstick, I definitely recommend this lip cream.  It gives you the color, but once it's dry, you hardly notice it's on your lips.  I am so excited to keep wearing these new products! Who knew thirteen dollars could bring such happiness???