The power of the white tee


Approximately 4 years ago I decided that good fashion was what I deserved. What we all deserved, and that NO MATTER the budget, we all could have it. That has been my mission from day 1. To show you all that we can look polished and put together no matter the season of life we were in, nor the budget we had for clothing.

The white tee is the perfect example of a staple we all have. It doesn’t have to cost much. It goes with so many other pieces in our wardrobe, and it CAN make us feel confident and pulled together if paired with the right things. So here are 3 more ideas of how to style a white tee. I hope this inspires you and empowers you to feel beautiful no matter where you are in your life right now!!!

Here’s a classic white tee for $18. Pair it with any of the following:

1 Pair a white tee with patent pants (like seen in my last post!)

2. Try a high rise jean for a classic, easy look (these jeans are only $59.50!)

3. Layer a white tee under a jumpsuit! (save) or splurge on this black one