All in the details


I love adding little touches to our home that make it feel unique and special.  Whether it's a lamp, cozy rug, or tiny detail, I feel like it makes all the difference when decorating.  I found these little "Mr" and "Mrs" knobs the other day for our master bathroom.  I adore them and think they're so very special and sweet.  Seeing these little things every day make me happy and remind me how much love we share in this house we call a home.  Don't forget the tiny, yet lovely details that can sometimes be overlooked.  I love the understated things just like this that make you feel special when you see them every day.  Hope you all are enjoying your week and the anticipation of Thanksgiving.  More posts to come on this cold, yet exciting weekend! I will surely hole up and type to my hearts content with all the excitement in the air!


Anna DunbarComment