Dutch braid


Every now and then when I really want my hair out of my face, I'll do a small dutch braid on the side of my hair.  It's an easy way to get your hair out of your way for the day.  It's great for a workout, pool day, or if you just want something different.  I love the dutch braid as opposed to a regular french braid.  It's really very easy, as it's just the same as a french braid, except instead of pulling each strand over, you pull them UNDER! It's that easy, and I like the look because it looks like the braid is sort of laying on top of your head.  I like my braid a little messy, and honestly, I like it with my roots showing because I think it makes the braid look more interesting!  So if you have roots, messy hair, or just want it out of your face, part your hair to the side, and try a dutch braid!