Black is the new black


Ever notice how Parisian women always seem to wear all black and pull it off flawlessly?  There's something about a European woman dressed in a monochromatic black look, (usually with a white sneaker to finish off the look) that always looks chic and edgy to perfection.  I don't know why, but all black just makes me happy.  Whenever I see someone dressed in all black, whether it's summer or winter or anything in between, I always think, THAT woman looks good.  I think, she knows what she's doing.  She looks chic.  Black will never go out of style and just looks better on most people than busy loud patterns and colors.  Don't get me wrong, patterns and colors can be fun if done right, but black always wins out in my book.  It's just that good.  Black is the new black.  It will always be an effortless staple, no matter the time or season.

Black leather shorts

Lace up flats