Taking my own advice...


Happy Thursday, friends!  When I first started my blog, I talked a lot about motherhood and how I felt like it related to my fashion choices.  I think that a lot of moms (including myself) feel like they don't deserve to look nice.  I don't know why this happens exactly, but somewhere between childbirth and late night feedings, spit up, daycare drop offs, preschool drop offs, room parent duties, and soccer practice and homework, we lose sight of who we once were and what it's like to feel good and/or confident. 

I always feel a little better when I put on a piece of jewelry or lipstick.  I don't know why.  I know it may seem trivial or shallow or stupid to some, but its symbolic of so many things to me.  I started this blog with SO MUCH in mind.  It wasn't JUST about the clothes.  It's about having a voice.  Feeling we're worth it.  Embracing motherhood yet still holding onto a part of what we once were.  I LOVE my kids so much it hurts...I have their names tattooed on my arm for goodness sake, but one day I woke up and I knew I needed more to feel completely like Anna again.  

What is it for you?  Maybe being able to go for a run in the morning?  Wearing your favorite heels?  Picking up an old hobby?  (I did that too and have never felt MORE like my old self!)  I want you all to get more from Honestly West.  Maybe you don't like everything I wear, and that's okay.  I want to INSPIRE you to be the best version of yourself.  Whether that means you shower every 3 days, or every day, I don't care.  I never judge.  I have so much love for you all, even if you live your life completely different from the way I do.  We're all in this together. 

SO...in conclusion, I will remember that I am worth it and wear that extra something today that makes me feel special.  I feel like I sort of lost sight of that for a while. (Thank you to my friend Sara for reminding me.)  I deserve it.  And so do you.  Grab that little extra today that makes you feel a little better.  Whether it's a necklace or earrings or your favorite perfume.  Let it light up your day today.

Statement necklace

Photos:  Tiffany Redmon Photography