Lazy day at the lake


I always feel happiest when I'm by the water.  This probably has to do with the fact that I grew up close to Lake Washington and the ocean.  Luckily Lake Norman is just across the street from us here in NC.  People always say, "why do you live by the lake?  Do you have a boat?"  I always chuckle to myself and can enjoy the water, calmness and beauty without being ON a boat.  

This is a SUPER casual look, but I don't usually blog about leggings so I figured it was time.  I hope you all are having a lovely Saturday!

Alo yoga leggings (these are currently 30% off!!)

"Sister" faux leather jacket (my other half will be appearing soon, so stay tuned!!)  

Red converse

Knit hat

Photos:  Tiffany Redmon Photography