House plants (if you can't keep real ones alive!)


Y’all know I LOVE house plants. I love the pop of green and the vibe plants bring to home decor. What I DON’T love is spending money on real plants only to have them die a few months later. Generally speaking, most of my indoor plants are actually real…I’m so proud of my huge fiddle leaf fig that I’ve managed to keep alive for 8 months! Sometimes though, they just don’t want to cooperate. OR, I want them in a place that just doesn’t have enough light, like our basement. For those times, look into a good artificial option. I’ve linked my favorite 3 for you below from West Elm. If you want a more affordable option for faux house plants, I also suggest Target, Hobby Lobby or World Market.

If you haven’t ever decorated with plants before, I highly recommend giving it a go. Plants weirdly make me really happy and bring a sense of calm to our home. Happy shopping, everyone!

Faux palm branches

Faux monstera leaf

Fiddle leaf fig tree