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I am loving the metallic boot trend for spring and summer! As far as styling this statement footwear, I’d go for taming down everything else with this look. Think a black slip dress, a structured blazer and slacks…keep the bold shoe your main focus. Happy shopping ladies! (and gents!) Here are 3 great options:

Silver metallic boots

Gold option

Rose gold docs


Styling a white button up


Happy Wednesday! I pulled out my hubby’s white button up today (one of my favorite pieces to wear) and I wanted to quickly talk about styling it. Sometimes the regular way can be a bit boring, so for a twist in warmer weather try leaving a few buttons undone and wear it off the shoulder on one side. So easy, and a nice relaxed take on a classic. Sometimes I also button it all the way up for an unexpected look as well. Both are fun and I encourage you to try it out this spring. A white button up is such a classic and looks good on women of all ages. I’ll add a few for you to take a look at below! XO

White button up ($69)

Shop the men’s section for an oversized look (this one is currently 40% off and is only $39.90!

Another option ($58)

Layered necklaces from Gorjana


How to style pumps


I’ve always loved a good pair of pumps. They’re so classic, chic and powerful. I feel good when I’m wearing them. The only tricky part is styling them so they don’t look too corporate. My trick is to only pair pumps with more laid back pieces. Try slipping them on with slouchy distressed jeans and a flat brim hat instead of a blazer and trousers. Pumps are such a fun option for the spring and summer… I’m pulling mine out this week and wiping off the layer of dust they’ve collected all winter. Here are some options for you:

Classic white

If you’re feeling daring, here’s a fun yellow pair

For those who like a neutral nude color